5 Indian Cake Recipes That You Must Try To Beat Monday Blues

Monday is usually associated with feeling blue; the mere thought of it is unappealing, but we have something for you that will brighten up your Monday. A dessert can make anything better! Don’t you think so? If you’re anything like us and always crave sinful desserts, we’ve got you covered with a few desi cake recipes you can whip up at home to treat yourself and beat the Monday blues. These (read: desi) cakes are made with desi kitchen staples, as the name suggests. For example, atta, sooji, and others. Plus, with the addition of various toppings, these cakes become even more decadent. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.

Here’re 5 Indian Cake Recipes That You Must Try:

1. Milk Cake – Our Recommendation

Let’s start with something that everyone enjoys. Be it wedding invitations or any festival, we see milk cake always sitting stylishly on the snack table! This is probably because Indians love this mithai so much that it has become an imperative part of all our celebrations. This Indian dessert is made with curdled milk, lots of dry fruits, and a dash of saffron. Click here for milk cake recipe.

2. Atta Cake

This one is for people who want to make delectable chocolate cakes without the use of eggs. Besides, this simple homemade cake uses flour and requires very little effort. The filling of raisins and walnuts with chocolate melting in your mouth will leave you and your guests wanting more. Find the recipe for atta cake here.

whole wheat cake

3. Bolo de Rulao (Goan-Style Sooji Cake)

This cake is prepared in a traditional Goan household to go with tea or coffee. The sweet treat is too good to resist thanks to the cake’s spongy texture and the crunch of the coconut! For the Christmas festivities, it is also extensively prepared. You can also make this delicious cake at home and make it your tea-time companion. Find the recipe of Bolo de Rulao here.

4. Allahabadi Cake

This cake belongs to the category of recipes that are rarely seen or consumed by people. So, what makes it so distinct? It’s the ingredients and the cooking technique used in this! Along with copious amounts of ghee and marmalade, this cake uses “petha,” or candied ash gourd, to give it a special twist. Click here for the Allahabadi Cake recipe.

5. Atta Carrot Cake

In this version of the carrot cake, maida has been replaced with whole wheat flour. This cake recipe with walnuts and carrots is a delicious option for a healthy evening treat. Click here to know Atta Carrot Cake recipe.

Now, that you know how to make them, try these recipes at home and let us know how you all liked them in the comments below. For more such recipes, stay tuned!

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