5 South Indian Curries That Go Well With Parotta

A wholesome Indian meal is just incomplete without its bread. We love having different kinds of bread with a variety of curries, gravies or even tikkas. In fact, each region in India has different kinds of bread. For instance, North Indians are crazy about laccha paratha, kulcha and naan. Similarly, South Indian cuisine is famous for Malabar Paratha/Parotta. The flaky, soft, and layered parotta is a versatile bread that goes well with almost any curry (including butter chicken!).┬áThere are, however, some classic South Indian curries that provide an authentic South Indian meal experience. Given this, we’ve compiled a list of South Indian curries that pair well with this paratha. Read below to know about them.

Here’re 5 South Indian Curries That Can Be Paired Well With Parotta; Take A Look

1. Rasam

When we talk about comforting foods, Rasam from South Indian cuisine has a special place in our hearts. There are many different types of rasam, but we have to admit that we are slightly partial to tomato rasam due to the tangy punch it contains. Click here for the recipe for Tomato Rasam.

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2. Chettinad Chicken

One of the most popular dishes in South Indian cuisine is the classic Chettinad chicken curry, which is known for its perfect balance of flavours. The generous use of fresh and local ground spices tossed with chicken makes it a regional favourite. Click here for the recipe for Chettinad Chicken.

3. Kurma

Aloo kurma is a dish made with potatoes that have been cooked in a flavourful gravy. This comforting Potato Kurma is elevated to a whole new level when served with Parotta or Biryani. For the complete recipe of South Indian-style Aloo Kurma, click here.

4. Kadala Curry

This Malabar curry is made with boiled black chana and a variety of spices. To give this Kadala curry a hint of South Indian flavours, grated coconut and curry leaves are also added. If you thought Kadala curry wasn’t spicy, think again because the recipe calls for two whole red chillies as well as red chilli powder. Click here for the recipe of Kadala Curry.

5. Kerala Stew

As the name suggests, this stew is a curry that originates from Kerala cuisine. This dish, also known as ishtu, is essentially a vegetable curry prepared with thick and thin coconut milk and dry spices. The creamy curry goes quite well with Malabar parotta. Click here for the recipe of Kerala Stew.

So, what are you waiting for? Try out these recipes with Malabar Parotta and let us know how you all liked them in the comments below.

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