7 Eateries In North Campus Every College Student Must Try

One of the most exciting times in a student’s life is college. This stage isn’t just about academics; it’s also about campus life, extracurricular activities, concerts, debates, and many other things. Indeed, there is a ton to discover and do. However, what adds to the excitement of college life are the hangout spots where friends can get together and chit-chat about their lives, projects, and assignments over delicious food and drinks without spending too much money. The best part is that the streets of North Campus have a lot to offer. From delectable momos to soul-soothing chai, Maggi noodles, mouth-watering shawarma, and much more, the menu is simply extensive, leaving us spoilt for choices.

To ensure you don’t miss out on the best, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 places to visit in and around North Campus. Check them out.

Here’re 7 Eateries In North Campus Every College Student Must Try

1. Bistro

This cheerful bistro with vintage decor is a local favourite for delicious garlic bread, shakes, sandwiches, and many other such treats. It is only a short stroll from campus. It serves as a one-stop shop for all the exotic foods your heart may desire.

  • Cost for Two: INR 250-300 ( Approx)
  • Where: Kamla Nagar

2. Tom Uncle’s Maggi Point

Tom Uncle’s Maggi point has long been a favourite among North campus students. The best part is that this location serves a variety of Maggi flavours. Punjabi tadka maggi, paneer maggi, white sauce maggi and other dishes are a few examples. The stall is located along the road and has seating arrangements where you can enjoy the beautiful evenings and rainy season while creating memories with your friends.

  • Cost for Two: INR 200 (Approx)
  • Where: GTB Nagar

3. Sudama Ji ki Chai

As the name implies, Sudamaji, the owner of Sudama’s, is a very humble man. Finding this stall is simpler than expected; simply follow the crowd. Families, children, and even police cars stop at the stall just as frequently as college students. You will always notice a crowd of people gathered in this location. In order to make the perfect cup of tea even better, you can also order some rusks or other biscuits to go with it.

  • Where: Near Ramjas College
  • Cost For Two: INR 50 (Approx)

4. Laphing Wala

If you haven’t tried laphing yet, now is the time. And you won’t regret it, we promise. One of the crowd’s favourites is already Laphing Wala. There are both traditional and experimental options on the menu. Thukpa, soup, momo soup, laphing, and additional options will be added in the future.

Where: Kamla Nagar

Price For Two: INR 150-200 (Approx.)

5. Dolma Aunty Momo

For a Delhiite, momos are more than just a snack; they are a feeling. If you live in Delhi, you will notice momos stalls in every nook and cranny of the city. But this particular momo stall in Lajpat Nagar is thought to be the first of its kind. They have a number of outlets. One of them is Kamla Nagar.

  • Where: Bungalow Road, Kamla Nagar
  • Cost For Two: INR 200 (Approx)

6. Momo’s Point

Chinese food lovers will enjoy this location, which is tucked away in Kamla Nagar’s lanes. Fried momos and crispy chilli potatoes are the highlights of their menu. Manchurian, fried rice, thukpa, and chowmein are also popular. The prices for all the dishes are reasonable.

  • Where: Kamla Nagar Main Market
  • Cost For Two: INR 250-300 (Approx)

7. Food Bus Of India

So, all you foodies out there, we’re sure you won’t want to miss this update on a double-decker bus restaurant in Vishwavidyalaya. This restaurant is a blessing for all DU students. From biryani to pav bhaji and more, their menu is loaded with delicacies at a very reasonable price.

  • Where: Vishwidhayala, Metro Gate No. 3
  • Cost for Two: INR 300 (Approx.)

Hurry up! Try out these places and let us know how you all liked them in the comments below.

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