All You Need To Know About Mead: The World’s Oldest Alcoholic Beverage

Have you ever heard of mead? If your answer is no then you and I are in the same boat! Only recently did I discover that an alcoholic beverage with this name existed as I was invited for a mead tasting at Perch Wine & Coffee Bar. Little did I know that this exciting beverage has a lot to offer. Mead may just be as old as ancient history! This special beverage is made from just three ingredients and it is the magic of these simple ingredients that make it.

Honey and water is fermented carefully to gain this light and bubbly drink. Mead is often difficult to categorise as an alcoholic beverage. Also known as honey wine, it is produced in wineries but many bars and pubs choose to put it under the craft beer category. People confuse it with beer and wine, but it is considered neither and is an alcoholic beverage of its own standing!

As someone who has never tried mead, I was particularly excited to try it out for the first time! The only time I had heard of mead before this was in association with Vikings and how they drank this special drink. No Label invited me to try out mead and when I was served the chilled bottle, I couldn’t help but see the resemblance with beer. However, when I had a sip of this bubbly drink I was reminded of the light and fruity flavour of white wine. It didn’t have the strong malty flavour of the beer and was easy on the throat. I enjoyed drinking it and was surprised by how well it went with cheeses.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed trying mead and would think of making it my go-to beverage for chilling with friends.

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