Bored Of Regular Paratha? Check Out This Easy Peasy Recipe Of Matar Paratha

Indian cuisine, even the regular sabzi, dals, and curries, gives you the liberty to experiment with various food combinations. And parathas are no different. They are one of the simplest forms of flatbreads, and nearly every culture around the world has its own version. From wraps and sandwiches to sopping up soups, and stews, flatbread is an all-purpose accompaniment for all your meals. 

From basic chapati and rumali to missi roti and garlic naan, Indian flatbreads come in every possible taste and flavour. Our winter obsession is surely the delectable parathas. Let us agree that parathas are the heartbeat of every foodie, at least in this country. This desi flatbread, loaded with masalas, butter/ghee, makes for one of the most popular breakfast items. And, to elevate the taste, you can always pair them with achaar (pickle), a bowl of curd, or any sabzi. 

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Hungry already? Aloo paratha, mooli paratha, gobhi paratha and more, we could read out a never-ending list of seasonal parathas. During our search for unconventional paratha recipes, we stumbled upon  matar parathas. Dough stuffed with peas and seasoning, rolled out to make simmering hot paranthas. Sounds yummy? The recipe for matar paratha was shared by food vlogger Ananya Banerjee on her YouTube channel. 

Grind the green peas with a little salt and chopped green chillies to prepare a thick paste. Heat a pan with some olive oil, and add coarsely chopped garlic, and green chillies. Pop in the green peas paste and give it a mix. Turn off the gas and allow the paste to cool down. Use this pea mix like any regular aloo, or gobhi stuffing. Roll out the matar parathas, and cook them well in butter or ghee. Voila! It’s ready. 

For the complete recipe of pea or matar paratha, click here.

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Looks so easy and delicious, right? What are you waiting for, enjoy this delightful paratha today.

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