Boy Cleaning Delhi Metro Floor After Spilling Food Wins Praises

Etiquette and mannerisms are associated with food, whether you are eating inside your home, or carrying your food outside. Do you see people leaving their tables at a restaurant in chaos, or find empty food wrappers in the middle of the street? Sometimes people accidentally drop their food and don’t even care enough to pick it up and throw it in a bin. These acts leave us in utter disgust, but a young boy is all set to leave precedence for all. The boy set an example by cleaning up after his food mess without having anyone else ask him to do so.

A post by one Ashu Singh on LinkedIn shows a boy cleaning the floor of a Delhi Metro rail after his tiffin box fell out of his bag and spilt food accidentally. The post reveals that the boy was taking out his water bottle from the bag but his tiffin box fell out of his bag onto the floor. The boy dutifully cleaned it all up. 
Take a look: 
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The caption of the post reads, “In #DelhiMetro a young boy, who was sitting with plugged earphones was taking out his water bottle from his bag when his tiffin box fell, and all his lunch spilt onto the floor. The boy tore out a page from one of his notebooks and picked up all the food from the floor. He then took his handkerchief and wiped the floor clean, exactly as it was before the spillage.”  

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The LinkedIn post has received more than 60k likes and hundreds of comments appreciating the efforts of the boy. Comments like ”Appreciate his civic sense which is missing with most living around us”, ” This is how a cultural shift can happen. Good to promote such beautiful inspiring acts” and “This is called responsibility” are dropping in. 

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