Courteney Cox Shows How ‘Real’ New Yorkers Eat Pizza In A Funny Video

Courteney Cox, who played the iconic character of Monica in F.R.I.E.D.N.S, is a food fanatic. She often shares some amazing recipe videos to educate her followers about the nuances of food. Now, Courteney has shared a hilarious video that is surely going to bring wide smiles to your faces. In the clip, she gave a demo on how the ‘real’ New Yorkers eat pizza. Her way of demonstrating the whole process is fun and it will send you drooling. So, are you excited about it? She says, “A lot of people who are not from New York come into the city and they can’t wait to have New York-style pizza, and they don’t know how to eat it.” She then goes on to grab a tissue and dab it over the pizza to get the oil off, which happens to be her first instruction. She states, “And, then authentic New Yorkers like to cut the tip off, and they just do a little bite at a time,” while cutting off a piece and eating from it with a fork and knife.

After this, Courteney Cox says, “If you’re from, like, Sicily or whatever, roll it like a pizza pie,” while turning the slice into a rollup. Looking at a person sitting on the other side, Courteney asks, “You do it like this, though, right?”

The next thing we hear her saying is, “Sometimes people are craving double cheese, so you move all the cheese into one area, and then you can give it to somebody.” She literally scraps all the cheese in one area while saying so. The actress ultimately hands over the larger part of the pizza to the person and eats the remaining part in three bites.

For the caption, Courteney Cox stated, “How “real” New Yorkers eat pizza,” with a pizza emoji. The clip has become an instant hit on social media. 

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A user wrote, “I always scrape the cheese off and offer it to someone else. Very New York.”

Another one wrote, “Joey would go nuts.”

Someone from Ireland expressed, “That’s very similar to how we do it in Ireland but we pour whiskey on it first.”

A user jokingly wrote, “As a native NYer, I’ve never been more offended,” with a bunch of emojis.

Someone wrote, “I am Italian and this is not acceptable.”

Approving the video, a user stated, “I’m born and raised in New York and I can say that this is exactly how we eat pizza.”

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