Daily Horoscope, May 26: Money Astrological Prediction for Friday

Horoscope Today, May 26: Check out what the stars have in store for you this Friday. (Image: Shutterstock)

Horoscope Today, May 26: Check out Friday’s prediction by Bhoomika Kalam, an International astrologer and tarot card reader


Today will be a day of mixed results. Unemployed can get new opportunities.

REMEDY: Gift a useful item to a disabled person.


There will be success in the efforts made in the matter of job. Today you will get respect in the workplace. Position and prestige will increase through new contracts.

REMEDY: Offer red chunri in Goddess Durga temple.


There is a fear of losing an important document at the workplace. Completion of any stalled work will be beneficial. Try to avoid online fraud. Get advice on investing.

REMEDY: Offer coconut in Lord Bhairav temple.


There will be progress in the field of livelihood. You may have to go out for office work that will be beneficial. You can invest in the stock market.

REMEDY: Offer yellow flowers to Goddess Saraswati.


Today new sources of income will be created. Fatigue can occur due to excessive running and excessive office work. Enemies will not be able to harm you.

REMEDY: Worship Lord Shiva.


There will be happiness in the mind due to the completion of office work. Unimaginable success will be achieved in the ongoing efforts in the field of employment and business. The mind will be happy to spend on some good work.

REMEDY: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.


Any major problem of transaction that has been going on for many days can be solved. You will get the pleasure of getting sufficient amount of money in hand. The intentions of the opponents will not be successful. Near and far travel can be planned.

REMEDY: Offer water to the Peepal tree.


Today there will be profit. There is a possibility of profit from the stock market. Maintain relations with the officers at the workplace, you will get benefits in future.

REMEDY: Offer Durva to Lord Ganesha.


Today even your opponents will praise you at the workplace. You will also get success in getting some of your work done in the government department.

REMEDY: Worship Goddess Lakshmi.


There will be success in financial matters. New efforts going on in the field of livelihood will be fruitful. Cooperation of subordinate employees will also be received. Don’t get into a fight with anyone.

REMEDY: Add flour mixed with sugar to the ants.


Today is not a very auspicious day. There may be unnecessary dispute in the office. Fraud can happen in the name of investment. Be careful. Don’t trust anyone.

REMEDY: Give bread to the dog.


Today can be a confusing day. Don’t do any transaction, there is a danger of spoiling the relationship. There can be expenditure on charity works.

REMEDY: Recite Bajrang Baan.

(The author Bhoomika Kalam is an International astrologer and tarot card reader. Bhoomika is founder of a science-based Astrology platform called ‘AstroBhoomi’. She was honoured with Global Peace Award.)

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