Disha Patani’s Weekend Indulgence Included This Sweet Treat

Admit it or not, we all have admired Disha Patani’s impressive physique. It’s true that the actress works out really hard to earn those chiselled abs. She must be very particular about her diet also. However, there are times when Disha also treats herself to some mouth-watering food items. You would often see the diva enjoying some amazing foods on weekends that also appear to be her cheat days. So, what made its way to her latest cheat diaries? It was drool-worthy doughnut. Giving us a sneak peek into her foodie adventure, Disha shared Instagram Stories dedicated to this sweet delight. Her box seemed loaded with delicious doughnuts filled with heavenly chocolate. She mentioned, “Dying today lol.”     

Have you started craving doughnuts already? Wait, we have something exciting in store for you. Try preparing these yummy doughnuts at home and have fun. Look at the five interesting recipes below:

Here’re 5 Doughnut Recipes To Try:

1) Basic Doughnuts

Have you tried making doughnuts before? If not, then this is a great recipe to start with. To make this snack, you need flour kneaded with milk, and sugar with the flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg. Shape into rings and deep fry. Find the recipe here.


2) Chocolate Doughnut

This is a wonderful dessert to try out. Imagine digging into a finger-licking doughnut dipped in rich chocolate and cooled to perfection. It not only refreshes your mood but will also make you happy to the core. If you are a chocolate lover, don’t miss this recipe. Click here.

3) Chicken Doughnut

Do you like fusion dishes? If you are open to trying out doughnuts with a twist, make this at home. These delectable chicken doughnuts are prepared with minced chicken, boiled potatoes, onions, and carrots among other masalas. No, they are not sweet. Chicken lovers can add this protein-packed dish to their diet. Recipe here.  

4) Maggi Keema Doughnut

Doughnuts don’t necessarily have to be sweet. If you are in for something delicious and savoury, here’s the recipe. These yummy treats will instantly tantalise your taste buds. Maggi keema doughnuts work as amazing appetisers or snacks for any social gathering. Click here for the recipe.

5) Eggless Doughnut

You don’t eat eggs? This recipe is for you. Just knead the dough using all-purpose flour (maida) with sugar, melted butter, dry yeast and milk. Make doughnuts and fry them to perfection. If you want, decorate the doughnuts with colourful sprinkles. Find the recipe here.  

We hope the list has served you with enough varieties of doughnuts that can be tried at home.

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