Farzi Cafe’s New Magic Menu Is All About Bringing Theatrics To Food

Fusion food has become all the rage these days! Gone are the days when people wanted to enjoy food as it is. Now, people want to surprise their tastebuds by enjoying food with a creative twist. Many restaurants in Delhi-NCR have been working with fusion food and each is giving tough competition to the other. Farzi café is a brand that is already famous for its fusion menu that tries to bring a global experience to the Indian palate. However, they seemed to be trying something new these days!

Farzi café just introduced a new magic menu that focuses on bringing a twist to classic Indian delicacies! The fusion menu lays emphasis on Indian dishes, but gives them a makeover, making them taste familiar yet different. We had the pleasure of trying out this magic menu that promised theatrics on our table and let us share with you what our experience was like.

Cheese Chilli Kunafa Toast


Pulled Kathal Gyoza


Mutton Galouti Sheermal Pancake


Nagarjun Chili Chicken

From the extensive menu, we tried Mutton Galouti Sheermal Pancake, Cheese Chilli Kunafa Toast, Farsified Pao Bhaji, Pulled Kathal Gyoza, Nagarjun Chili Chicken and Fired Fish Polichathu. The presentation of all these dishes came with a series of dramatics that had us captivated. The food was very fusion and different from what I have ever experienced. While Farzi is known for its trademark creative and funky presentation, the magic menu takes it a step beyond and tries to encapsulate the familiar flavours and at the same time surprise our tastebuds. My favourite dish from the magic menu was the Mutton Galouti Sheermal Pancake and I recommend you try it too! It wholistically brings together the wholesome flavours of galouti kebabs and creates a tasty roll by wrapping it in sheermal.

What: Magic Menu

Where: Farzi Café, DLF Cyberhub and Connaught Place

Price for two: INR 1800

When: 12 noon – 12 midnight

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