Food Stall Or Corporate Job – Which Pays Better? Internet Debates

Whether it is due to the pandemic or personal reasons, we have all questioned our career choices. Would we better off working in a corporate environment or is a startup atmosphere more suitable for us? These are the questions that plague every employee’s mind at least at some point in their lives. Recently, an anonymous user too posted a query on Quora, as per News18. The dilemma that the user was facing was if he should leave his corporate job and set up a chole bhature stall for better earnings. “Would it be the right decision to leave my job that has a package of Rs 8 lakhs per annum and put up a Chole Bhature stall outside the station,” was the user’s query, as per a report by News18.

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People reacted to the post by the anonymous Quora user. Some gave examples of the MBA chaiwala or the engineer graduates who gave up careers in corporates to pursue their own businesses. Others also suggested that the earnings in a chole bhature stall would be much higher vis-a-vis a regular salaried employment.

This is not the only discussion about corporate jobs versus food stalls we have seen in the recent past. Previously, a content creator named Pankit Narang also shared a hilarious video comparing the life of a corporate employee versus a chai wala or tea seller. The funny clip has gone crazy viral, receiving over 24.7 million views and nearly 2 million likes. Take a look:

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A number of Instagram users poured in their thoughts about the chaiwala versus corporate employee debate. “Jokes apart..but that’s the truth,” wrote one user while another said, “Indeed small hawkers and make more than any corporate employee. The numbers of such entrepreneurs are humongous.” Some other users felt it was not a fair comparison and there were several other factors involved. “It’s not a good 1:1 comparison. For instance, to have staff work for a tea seller, the person needs to first establish his/her business,” wrote a user.

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