Hilarious! Theatre Employee Shares How People Sneak Food Into The Movies

Movies and snacking go hand in hand. Munching on a large bucket of popcorn makes the movie-watching experience all the better. We are sure you’ll all agree. But that bucket of popcorn costs a bit more than we’d like to spend, right? The same goes for all other meals available at the in-house eatery. That’s why many people try to sneak their own snacks into the movie theatre even though it’s not allowed. Are you also guilty of doing it? Then you’d understand how fear looms large while crossing the ticket booth, and how it seems like the ticket collector is onto us. 

Have you ever wondered what’s in the mind of the ticket collector? Does he sense the mischief going on? A theatre worker shared his experience of working at a ticket booth and how people sneaked food into the theatre. His post on Reddit read, “I work at an independent cinema and I’m always being asked if you’re allowed to bring in your own sweets to eat and what happens if we catch people bringing in ‘outside sweets’.” 

The man revealed that it was actually hilarious watching people sneaking in sweets like they were on some “Breaking Bad-like smuggling scheme.” He revealed that he often overhears people talking to their friends that they are carrying snacks in their bags and even flash them before entering. He quipped, “They look around to make sure nobody is watching and it’s hilarious to me. What do they think I’m going to do? Send them to cinema jail for bringing in some Haribo. It’s the best part of the job, honestly.” 
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The man then went on to share some tips to hide and sneak food into the movies. He advised to bring in snacks in the most secret ways possible. He gave an example of a boy who once hid chocolates under his cap and got away scot-free. 

This Reddit post got us curious to find out what other tricks people use to bring their own food to the theatres. We found some stories on Quora and they are quite intriguing.  

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Here Are Some Tips To Sneak Food Into The Movies Shared By Internet Users:

A man narrated an incident of a friend who wore a huge jacket and hid an entire pizza in it! One man shared his own trick – “I used to stop at the Subway and buy a 12 inch sub and stuff half up my arms. I just looked like I had big arms. I was never questioned about the possibility of bringing in food.”  
Another Quora user suggested using a gift wrap. He shared he used wrapping sheets to wrap pizzas. The security never asked to open it. He said you could use gift wraps for samosas and puffs too. Another tip he shared was one should try not to carry the foods that would smell when taken out.  

Here’s another trick that could really work. Another user shared that he would carry food in a tiffin box and if caught, would plead that he came to the movies straight after work.  


Aren’t these stories interesting? Have you also carried food inside the theatres sneakily? Share your stories with us to lighten up our mood.  

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