Hina Khan’s Paratha Indulgence With Makhan Is Too Good To Miss

The joy of chomping steaming hot parathas with a yummy pickle or raita on the side is simply unbeatable. This quintessential Indian dish often comes with a variety of stuffing and a great taste that can lift your mood on any given day. Seems like actress Hina Khan feels the same. After all, she couldn’t resist indulging in yummy parathas today. Proof? Her Instagram Stories. Hina gave us a view of her latest indulgence. Wait, not just that. She loaded the paratha with a nice spoonful of makhan. In the first story, we can see Hina taking a generous amount of makhan into a spoon from a bowl kept on her table. She puts the fresh creamy white treat over her paratha. The actress also added a question for her followers – “Should I or should I not?” She stated two options to choose from “Yes” or “No.”   

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In the immediate next story, Hina Khan can be seen relishing the paratha with makhan spread on top. “Koi na exercise kar lenge… Khaao aur khush raho. Chill kar kudiye (It’s okay. I’ll exercise more and compensate. Eat to your heart’s content and be happy. Just chill).”  


Hina Khan also gave us a glimpse of some mouth-watering “homemade cookies”.


Well, after looking at Hina Khan’s foodie trail, are you planning on making some yummilicious parathas for yourself? If yes, then don’t forget to take a look at these amazing recipes mentioned below:    

1)Methi paratha

What’s better than spending the winter season relishing some yummy methi parathas? Serve the piping hot paratha with some yoghurt on the side or you can team it with a steaming hot cuppa.

2) Mixed vegetable paratha

This can be a great way of consuming vegetables if you can’t savour them in the form of curries. For this healthy dish, just make a nice preparation (masala) using peas, radish, carrots, cauliflower and a whole lot of other homely spices. Stuff the parathas with this masala and cook nicely.

3) Lachcha paratha

Now, this is a hit recipe from North India. Lachcha paratha is a sheer piece of art. The multi-layered shallow flatbread tastes amazing when paired with drool-worthy, creamy, luscious curries. If you are in the mood to devour a proper meal, make this one at home.   

4) Egg paratha

Yes, there’s an appetising option for egg lovers as well. This protein-packed paratha can be the best way to kickstart your morning. Have it with some ghee on top for an unforgettable experience.

5) Papad ka paratha

Have you ever tried a papad paratha? It’s crispy, delicious and everything enticing. First, you need to roast papad, crush it and mix some spices into it. Put this as a filling in your regular dough and cook it well.

Enjoy the nippy weather with greasy and healthy parathas. Bon Appétit!

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