Is Paratha Healthy Or Does It Make You Fat? Expert Nutritionist Reveals

Winter season is in full swing all over the country, and we are all enjoying the chilly weather in our own way. We all love to don our sweaters, hold a mug of hot chocolate and savour our favourite winter treats while soaking in the sun. Piping hot parathas are truly one of the winter indulgences we can never resist. Layered with the goodness of ghee, parathas are thoroughly enjoyable with a dollop of ghee or butter on the side. It is also quick and easy to prepare and pack for office lunches or school-going kids’ tiffin boxes. But is paratha a healthy dish? Health enthusiasts and people watching their weight often wonder if the humble paratha is healthy or fattening. Recently, expert nutritionist Simrat Kathuria took to Instagram to reveal all about paratha and its health quotient. Take a look at the video she shared.

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The clip shared by @simratkathuria has already received over 162k views and 2k likes. In the caption, she revealed why a paratha may actually be a better dish to have than many other food options out there. Take digestive biscuits for instance. Kathuria said that one paratha contains 70-80 calories, while if you eat two digestive biscuits, you could be adding up to 140 calories to your daily count. “Biscuit has empty calories while parathas are rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, fibre and healthy carbs,” wrote the nutritionist in the caption.

Nutritionist Simrat Kathuria further explained that parathas may be traditionally indulgent, but it is possible to make them healthy and nutritious with a few twists. Here are some suggestions she made-

  1. Paratha Stuffing – What you stuff your paratha with is equally important in enhancing the nutrition quotient of the dish. “Choose high-fibre vegetables for stuffing. For example, Mooli,” wrote Kathuria.
  2. Choice Of Atta – The atta that you use in making parathas is also quite vital to its health quotient. You can opt for high-fibre flours such as bran atta or even switch to a whole different flour such as oat flour. “Choose the atta that works well with your weight loss plan,” said Kathuria.
  3. Fat Content – The way that the paratha is cooked can make a difference to the overall health quotient. The nutritionist suggested using a little ghee rather than refined oil for cooking paratha to keep the calorie and fat content at a minimum level.

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Paratha is a great recipe that can definitely be included in the diet. Photo: iStock

Thus, paratha is actually a great bread recipe that you can even consume on your weight loss diet with a few tweaks. “Enjoy your paratha guilt-free as it is packed with loads of nutrition instead of just empty calories,” concluded Kathuria in the caption. Just remember to follow the suggestions mentioned above to make paratha more loaded and fulfilling than it already is!

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