Kareena Kapoor Khan Enjoys Sunday Tea-Time With This Classic Combo

Lazy Sunday evenings are all about relaxing or engaging in our favourite hobby after waking up from an afternoon nap. For many of us, a hot cup of tea and some scrumptious snacks are what make up a good evening.  A cup of tea not only gives us that much-needed dose of freshness, but is also great for having conversations with your close ones. When it comes to actress Kareena Kapoor, even her Sunday evenings seem to be quite delicious and fun. In her Instagram Stories, the actress gave us a sneak peek into her usual weekend evening where we could see a tempting cup of tea and a bowl of crunchy chakli. “Sunday sham ki chai aur chakli,” the text on the picture read. Take a look:

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Now, to make sure that you have something to munch with your evening chai, we have got five tea-time snack recipes that you can pair with your cuppa.

1. Cashewnut and Cauliflower Pakoda

Is there any snack that goes well with tea better than some pakodas? It is indeed a match made in heaven. This recipe offers a perfect balance of vitamins and taste with both cashew and cauliflower in there. If you are looking for something to complement your evening chai, then you can definitely try this snack. 

2. Green Peas Kebab

Sometimes we wake up from a nap craving something tasty and filling but end up munching the biscuits. But once you make these green peas kebabs, they will become your favourite tea-time snacks. It has peas, cashew nuts, and chickpea flour, making it both tasty and nutritious. Recipe here.

3. Bhakarwadi

A traditional Maharashtrian snack, bhakarwadi is made of soft dough, which is rolled out and infused with aromatic seeds and spices. When fired, the snack turns crispy and golden to perfectly go with your ginger tea. Here is the recipe.

4.Singhare Ke Atte Ke Samose

Samosa has long been the soul mate of a cup of tea and has never disappointed as a delicious snack. But this recipe has a twist as it uses singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour) instead of maida (refined flour) so that you can enjoy them even when fasting. Check the recipe here.

5. Atta Walnut Cookies

Dipping some crunchy cookies into a cup of tea is something that satisfies our souls. If you are bored with the usual biscuits then try these tempting walnut atta cookies that offer the aroma of coffee along with the distinct taste and crunch of walnuts. Take a look at the recipe here.

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