Kim Kardashian’s Mouth-Watering Vegan Treat Will Make You Drool

We have a special food update coming in all the way from Kim Kardashian. Yes, her latest binge is surely going to make you salivate. And, you will be amazed to know what made its way to her culinary adventure. It’s a yummy vegan recipe. She savoured finger-licking vegan tostadas for dinner. Going by what appears in the picture she shared on Instagram Stories, the crispy toasted tortillas (tostadas) are layered with a flavourful mixture topped with shredded green cabbage, and what looked like tomato chunks and mayonnaise. So, what’s special about this meal? Kim herself prepared the dish. The tostadas weren’t alone on the platter. In fact, the main dish was accompanied by various dips and some crunchy wafers on the side. For the caption, Kim stated, “Made these vegan tostadas tonight.”

Well, are you a vegan? If you also follow a plant-based diet, we have a surprise for you. There are many wonderful recipes that fall under the category of a vegan diet. Mentioned below are five drool-worthy recipes that are worth giving a try.

Here’re 5 Vegan Recipes You Must Try:

1) Homemade Pasta

The fact that you are a vegan shouldn’t stop you from enjoying your favourite dishes. Right? This scrumptious dish will help you beat hunger pangs perfectly. Now, you can make your own pasta at home and enjoy it with your favourite sauce. Recipe here.

2) Vegan Tofu Cigar

This is one interesting dish that will take your taste buds on a ride. Also, vegan tofu cigar takes about just fifteen minutes to get ready. Silken tofu along with a host of vegetables and hoisin sauce goes into the making of this dish. Find the recipe here.

3) Palak Patta Chaat

If chaat is something that makes you go weak in the knees, this recipe is for you. Palak patta chaat can be your go-to teatime snack any day. This dish packs a punch of flavours and its unique taste is something that you should not miss. Click here for the recipe.

4) Dates And Cashew Vegan Balls

This is a perfect snack to gorge on, especially during the ongoing winter season. These yummy balls are made with dates, cashew nuts and coconut. Basically, you can also add seeds of your choice. So, if there’s a vegan dish that carries a good balance of health and taste, it has to be these dates and cashew vegan balls. Find the recipe here.

5) Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

We do have something extremely delicious in desserts as well. Wondering what? It’s a wholesome chocolate ice cream with a vegan twist. This yummy dessert is made with almonds and bananas. People who are lactose intolerant can also rely on this recipe. Click here.

We hope you find a suitable recipe for yourself from the list mentioned above.

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