Malaika Arora Spent Her “Saturday Night” Having This Finger-Licking Pizza

The weekend is a time meant to be spent with loved ones gorging on good food. Do you agree? Well, the weekend is here and now, it’s time to satiate yourself with mouth-watering food. Malaika Arora just treated herself to a popular Italian dish on Saturday night. Any idea what? No extra points for guessing. Malaika devoured a mouth-watering pizza. We got to know this from her latest Instagram stories. Her pizza was topped with sauce, cheese, basil leaves and some chilli flakes making it a spicy affair. She stated, “Saturday nite done right.” Take a look at the story she shared:

Malaika Arora enjoyed this gorgeous pizza. 

If you also wish to spend your weekend relaxing and gorging on a delicious pizza, here’s something you need to look at. These five sumptuous pizza recipes will tingle your taste buds.

1) Vegetarian pizza

This is a special veg pizza that carries an array of flavourful ingredients. You’ll find tomato sauce, mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, onions and melting cheese in this. Prepare this amazing pizza at home and treat your loved ones.  Read the recipe here.

2) Pepperoni pizza

A pizza loaded with pepperoni slices is truly appetising. Also, the best thing is that it hardly takes about fifteen minutes to get ready. This beloved pizza is a perfect combination of taste and different flavours.  Check the recipe here.

3) Healthy paneer pizza

Yes, there are certain healthy options as well, when it comes to pizza. Give your treat a twist with protein-packed paneer and vegetables. Also, make sure you use a wheat flour base for this one. Capsicum, mushrooms and olive taste really good with paneer. Here is the recipe.

4) Chicken pizza crust

Chicken lovers are surely going to fall for this yummy pizza. In this recipe, chicken is used to prepare the base of the pizza. Also, the topping includes chicken salami or vegetables with lots of cheese and pizza sauce, of course. Check out the recipe here.

5) Roti pizza

Making this tasty roti pizza is just a matter of ten minutes. The classic pizza base is replaced with leftover roti which is then garnished with a whole lot of vegetables. Don’t forget to add cheese and you’ll love it. What a wonderful way to relish roti, isn’t it? Take a look at the recipe. 

So, are you ready to make pizza at home today?

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