Numerology Today, 10 January: For Acquiring Knowledge or Higher Studies

Last Updated: January 10, 2023, 00:30 IST

Numerology Today, 10 January, 2023: The number 4 gives distinct character and ability to view everything from different angles. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

NUMEROLOGY TODAY, 10 JANUARY, 2023: For acquiring knowledge or higher studies, you should have the presence of numbers 1, 4, 8 and 9 in your date of birth directly or indirectly


1 is the number of creativity and inventive ideas which is very essential for higher studies where the curriculum is mostly project or research based. It is also required for communication in expression. Our education system is such that whatever knowledge one has acquired it evaluated or assisted in the form of marks. Therefore knowing subject is of sufficient, you need to express or communicate in the form of writing or verbally for successful completion which comes from number 1.


The number 4 gives distinct character and ability to view everything from different angles. It makes a person curious and make him seek answers to all questions and forms of all needs. It makes you positive, logical, unconventional, scientific systematic, hard working in gold oriented which helps in gaining knowledge.


8 is the number for knowledge and education. It makes you hard working and organized.


The number 9 is for intellectual capabilities, super memory versatility, mental alertness as well as sharp learner. It makes you a serious thinker and great at debate which is very essential in a group discussions.

With the presence of these numbers or the combinations of these numbers, those who are aiming to study abroad or appear for higher studies and competitive exams, could make it possible in an easy or smoother way. All they have to remember is this numbers are responsible for placing you to a higher level of education but in cases where you are missing these numbers or one of these numbers then remember to carry them in your mobile number series.

The benefit of carrying these numbers in your mobile is that mobile number is the best way to communicate with the whole world therefore the numbers which are already appearing in the series can radiate and immense power and energy of the respective planets.

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Chant Guru Mantra and light a deepam to your Guru or Tulsi ji plant

Wear a pendant of Lord Surya

Write your wish with red pen in a book right before sleeping

Offer green glass or durvah to Lord Ganesha all Wednesday

Avoid non-vegetarian, liquor, tobacco and leather.

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