Numerology Today, January 21: Significance and Meaning of Alphabet K and L

Last Updated: January 21, 2023, 00:15 IST

Numerology Today, January 21: A person whose name begins with K are pessimists by nature and need to learn how to be constructive because pessimism will leave them with failure. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

Numerology Today, January 21: The numerological significance of alphabets facilitates to pick an alphabet compatible with date of birth to open the doors of golden fortune


People whose names begin with this alphabet are destined to face hurdles in life. They also see a lot of changes in their fortune. They can be prosperous and happy and at the very next moment they may face misery. They are pessimists by nature and need to learn how to be constructive as pessimism will leave them with failure.

They have an intuitive power to see the dark side of things which makes them live the life with lot of negativity, they are cautious, careful, moral, sincere and tolerant. They should awaken their sixth sense as it will help them to touch new heights in career. They receive the support of their spouse but fail to recognize it, so they should keep appreciating their family members.

  1. Keep water fountain in the north wall of your house.
  2. Keep a round shaped silver coin in your bag always.
  3. Wear white and light coloured clothes.
  4. Donate milk to cattle or poor.
  5. Avoid non-veg food, liquor, tobacco and leather.


People whose names begin with this alphabet are sensitive and philosophic. They follow a kind of philosophy and live their life as per those principles. They have virtuous thoughts. They are mature and refined. Their thoughts are pure and serene, restrained and immersed in their self.

They have a strong positive effect of planet Jupiter. They should remember to chant guru mantra in the morning. Wearing kumkum works magically. They can be best educationist, coaches, mentors, philosophers, writers, directors. Institutions, schools, colleges, training houses, astrology, vaastu, books, sports coaching and coaching classes can choose this alphabet to start their name with.

Donate: Yellow lentils in aashrams.

Lucky Colour: Orange and yellow.

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