Numerology Today, March 10: How Compatible is Number 4 with Number 3 and 5

Last Updated: March 10, 2023, 00:05 IST

Numerology Today, March 10: The number 4 and number 3, together in business, can build a stack of strategies. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

Numerology Today, March 10: The number 4 and number 5 could be called as the best combinations of all

MASTER PLANET: Rahu (Uranus)

The number 4 and number 3 contributed in making an arrow of a planner in numerology grid. Therefore it is believed that more than being compatible, they together in business can build a stack of strategies. Couples with 4s and 3s form an average compatibility, but for marriage we need above average marks, so these kinds of match should be avoided.

They both share a common lucky colour which is voilet, so cause where they can implement this, proves to deliver desired outcome. Business of finance, research, schools or books, food and politics produces best statements.

  • LUCKY COLOURS: Violet and Orange
  • LUCKY DAY: Friday and Tuesday
  • LUCKY NO.: 9
  • DONATIONS: Green or yellow lentils to poor.

This could be called as the best combinations of all. 5 which belongs to Mercury has an immense luck to carry and to reduce the work or hard work of number 4. Number 4 teaches discipline, order, management, execution and action to numbers 5 which otherwise could have lived an objective less life. Whatever hard work or challenge 4 has to face are totally cut down with the entry of 5.

These two together make a great couple, business partner, colleague, friends and even competitors. If you are born with a strong 4 in your date of birth you should pick the name total of your identity or your brand without any doubt at 5. If you are born with strong 5, you should remember to perform the rituals of planet Rahu and milk Abhishek of Lord Shiva. Professions of politics, glamour, sports, media, manufacturing and defence, all proves to be lucky and full of success for these guys.

  • LUCKY COLOURS: Green and aqua
  • LUCKY DAY: Wednesday
  • LUCKY NO.: 5 and 6
  • DONATIONS: Green grass or grains to poor or cattle.

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