Numerology Today, May 9: Born on 25th of Any Month? Find Out Your Personality Traits

Published By: Pooja Jainn

Last Updated: May 09, 2023, 05:30 IST

Numerology Today, May 9: People born on 25th of any month can become little self-centered. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

Numerology Today, May 9: Those born on 25th of any month are rational thinkers and extremely talented

People born on 25th of any month are driven by 7 (Ketu)

Lucky Colours: Yellow, Green and White

Lucky day: Monday and Wednesday

Lucky no. 7 and 5


Those born on 25th of any month are rational thinkers, extremely talented, has magical vocabulary, lucky, inquisitive, ambitious, sociable, logic lovers, brave, strong decision makers, spiritual, enjoys, sensation lovers, entertainers, travel lovers and like to try new things.


Can become little self-centered, scattered energy, don’t trust others easily, need to set single major objective in life and has too practical approach in relationships.


Theater, glamour, doctors, jute, fibre, content writers, music, journalism, politics, sports , engineering, flying services, stock market, lawyer, auditors, electronics, tower industry, petrol and chemicals, pharmaceuticals, spiritual gurus, motivation speakers and travel agencies


  1. Copper Plate imprint with No 7 on it, can be kept with you always
  2. Should work with smaller brand over a bigger one
  3. Startup BUSINESS is recommended
  4. Will benefit more after their marriage.

(The author, Pooja Jainn from Digits N Destini, is a leading figure in the field of name numerology.)

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