Padma Lakshmi Stops By In LA To “See An Old Flame.” We Think Its Super Delicious 

Delicious burgers, with a side of crunchy fries and some ketchup is what makes a ‘happy meal.’ We can gorge on this combo at any time of the day, and Indian-American celebrity Padma Lakshmi is not far behind. If you follow her on Instagram, you will know that the model-host is a true-blue foodie. Padma Lakshmi stopped by to “see an old flame” in Los Angeles. Any guesses? Oh! Of course, we are talking about burgers here. Her meal box included two yummy-looking burgers, which had a soft and crispy bun along with a juicy patty and some lettuce and tomatoes in between. They were accompanied by a side of french fries and two condiments, mainly ketchup and paprika sauce.  “Stopping by to see an old flame in LA,” she captioned the post. 

Take a look at Padma Laxmi digging into a delicious and juicy-looking burger:

Burgers are filling. We have time and again proclaimed our love for these yummy treats. If Padma Lakshmi’s little burger for breakfast has left you craving for the snack, we have handpicked a bunch of recipes to recreate the sinful indulgence right in your home. 

1. Chicken and Fish Burger 

Load some meat and protein between the buns, drizzle one too many sauces, along with some lettuce and tomatoes, and your burger is ready. Experience the goodness of chicken, fish and a tangy hot and sour sauce. Click here for the recipe. 

2. Lentil and Mushroom Burger 

For the health and calorie conscious people, we have a burger recipe for you as well. A lentil and mushroom pattie packed between a whole wheat bun sounds perfect. Isn’t it? Here’s the recipe. 

3. Butter Chicken Twin Burgers 

Any butter chicken lovers in the house? We got you covered. Chicken tikka coated in a yummy makhani gravy stuffed inside a burger bun will give you foodgasms. Check out the recipe. 

4. Pizza Burger 

The delicious and cheesy flavours of pizza now in a burger. Take a look at the full recipe here. 

5. Vegetable Burger 

If you don’t like experimenting with your burger, here is a classic recipe for you. Find it here.

This Sunday looks just perfect for a burger, what say?


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