“People Born In 2000s Are Placing Food Orders Now:” Zomato’s Funny Thread

From chocolates to ice creams, we all have cried for treats and thrown tantrums in our childhood. Most of us would need permission from our parents to venture out and buy a snack while others would muster up courage to sneak out. With the advent of food delivery platforms, things have changed drastically. Now, even school-going children can be found ordering anything from a samosa to a birthday cake online. Touching upon this, Zomato shared an amusing Twitter post that triggered a string of hilarious responses from users. “People born in 2000s are placing food orders now,” the tweet read.

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Check out the reactions.

“No they are watching their friends getting married,” a user wrote.

Online travel platform EaseMyTrip too chimed in and wrote, “people born in 2000s are busy watching their friend’s travel stories”.

“People born in 2000s are listening to songs from 90s and making reels on them,” wrote electronics brand Boat.

“And paying from their parent’s wallet,” a person said.

Another joked, “Soon they’ll be replacing the admins of this handle as well”.

One said, “People born in 2010s are having access to official Twitter accounts now”.

“People still getting born after 1999?” a comment read.

Many offered their opinions. A person asserted, “People born in 2000s are busy in their career”.

Another wrote, “People born in 2000s are studying and struggling for job now”.

One suggested that those born in 2000s are ordering food but with their own money.

Meanwhile, a user asked, “What about People born in 19XX?”

Zomato, through its official Twitter handle, often shares amusing food-related one-liners leaving many in splits. Earlier, it shared a meme highlighting the turmoil at Twitter after billionaire Elon Musk acquired the social media platform.

The post features pictures of two versions of spaghetti – one cooked and the other uncooked. The cooked spaghetti, which appears straight, represents “Twitter before Elon Musk” while the cooked and tangled one suggests the situation after Elon Musk became its new boss. 

The post led to a number of reactions where one said, “Good one Zomato”. Another shared a picture of instant noodles and wrote, “Twitter after Elon Musk retirement.”

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