Rohit Saraf’s Quirky Food Story On Insta Is Just So Relatable

Rohit Saraf made our hearts skip a beat with his character Rishi Singh Shekhawat in the Mismatched series. The second season of the show, which was high on drama, love, and everything in between, lived up to the expectations of fans. Apart from adoring Rishi and Dimple (Prajakta Kohli)’s love story, viewers couldn’t help but fall in love with Rohit Saraf’s chocolate boy portrayal. Cut to Rohit Saraf’s latest post on Instagram Stories. Of course, we are talking about food here. Re-sharing a post by one of his friends (Jaya Turani), Rohit is seen talking about “ache din.” Don’t you misinterpret that the actor is devouring his all-time favourite cheat meals. The snap featured a bowl of delicious and fresh-looking salad topped with basil leaves and crispy wafers. Too healthy? We couldn’t help but notice a platter of potato wedges placed right next to the salad. Sharing a snap of the meal, Rohit’s friend Jaya Turani asked, “Ache din kab aayenge (When will the good days come)” with the hashtag “iykyk (if you know, you know)”. “Another day, another salad, sadly,” she added. Replying to Jaya Turani, Rohit Saraf wrote, “Ache dinnon ke hi din hai yeah (These days are a part of good days only)”.

Take a look:

If you like to treat your taste-buds to a burst of flavour, salads are the best indulgence. We have handpicked some yummy salad recipes. These fireworks on a plate, cannot be missed. Take a look: 

1. BBQ Potato Salad 

Are any potato salad fans out there? Well, we have given it a yummy twist with the BBQ sauce. Save the recipe right away. Recipe inside.

2. Thai Soyabean In Cabbage Cups 

In case you are keeping a check on the weighing scale, this low-fat salad recipe should be your go-to option. Mash up soy granules with oriental flavours, and serve them in cabbage cups. Here’s the recipe. 

3. Asian Sesame Chicken  

Heaven on a platter for the healthy souls out there. A simple, speedy and satisfying meal made with chicken strips, some greens, sesame seeds and asparagus scores marks on both health and taste. Here’s the recipe. 

4. Cucumber, Black Olive and Mint Salad

Chop some cucumbers, slices of cherry tomatoes, and peppery mint leaves in a bowl, drizzle some black olive sauce and voila. A refreshing salad is ready. Click here for the recipe. 

5. Paneer and Kheera Salad 

Protein-rich cottage cheese makes a yummy pair with low-calorie cucumber. Best part? It takes only a few minutes from the clock. Don’t forget to drizzle some honey and lemon in the end. Check out the recipe. 

Enjoy the salad recipes and let us know your favourite. 

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