Sachin Tendulkar Binges On Mumbai’s Favourite Street Food With A Hilarious Pun

Vada pav is loved by millions across the country, especially in Mumbai. This Maharashtrian snack is basically a deep-fried aloo bonda or vada sandwiched between buttered pav buns. Sprinkle some masala, green chutney, and green chilli, and a delectable indulgence is ready in no time. Almost every Mumbaikar loves to gorge on this street food. And cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar is no different. He has shared an Instagram post that featured him posing with a platter of vada pav. A quick glance at his plate, and we could spot a total of 7 vada pavs, topped with a fried green chilli each. Sachin Tendulkar chose to add a clever pun to the vada pav binge that he enjoyed. “Carb’e Diem,” the veteran captioned the post. 

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Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh has approved Sachin Tendulkar’s foodie shenanigans. “Paji,” he wrote, with both hands up emoji. 

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Well, well, if you are willing to prepare this quintessential Maharashtrian snack at home, then we have something for you. Oh, yes, the recipes. Let’s explore then:

1. Classic Vada Pav 

This classic recipe is all about batata vada sandwiched between a pav. Don’t skip the generous amount of sweet and spicy chutneys. Click here for the recipe.

2. Chicken Vada Pav 

For all you chicken lovers in the house, we have found a lip-smackingly delicious version of vada pav waiting for you. This juicy chicken vada loaded with spicy chutneys is bound to give you a protein-packed kick. Here’s the recipe.

3. Chilli Cheese Vada Pav 

Spicy and cheesy, we bring you an extraordinary taste and combination of flavour. Usually, Vada Pav has potato vada inside but here, the vada is made of green chillies and loads of spices. We hear you, slurping! Want to know the recipe? Click here 

4. Ulta Vada Pav

As the name suggests, this inside-out vada pav is just a fun flip of all the ingredients that make the regular vada pav. Wondering how to make it? Find the recipe here.

5. Vada Pav Pakora 

Don’t we just love to Pakora-fy our favourite snacks? And, we couldn’t leave the vada pav far behind in this. Looking for an indulgent treat? Click here for the recipe.

Which of the vada pav variations sit well on your palette or are you a classic lover?

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