Savour Authentic Coastal Delicacies At Sana-Di-Ge, Delhi

When we talk about coastal cuisine, people automatically assume that we are talking about seafood and coconut. Why not? The impression is not out of place. Though it may seem difficult to believe, India’s coastal cuisine appears to be meat and seafood heavy, owing to natural abundance! If you enjoy coastal food but find it difficult to eat it in Delhi, don’t worry! We have found a home for you all. We recently visited Sana-di-ge restaurant in Delhi to sample authentic coastal delicacies, and guess what? We had an abundance of options. It was challenging to select just a few dishes from the menu because there were so many options. We asked the chef for assistance for that reason.


Sana-di-ge Delhi is spread across three floors and is located in one of Delhi’s greenest neighbourhoods-Malcha Marg, ChanakyaPuri with a hydraulic lift to get you from one floor to the next. Everything, from the seating to the wall to the lighting, gave us an authentic coastal vibe.


For an authentic Dakshina Kannada dining experience, food is served on brass plates lined with plantain leaf. We started our tasting session with Paneer varuval, Lotus stem kalimirchi and Prawns butter pepper garlic. All of these dishes were the perfect start to the tasting session. Prawn butter garlic is the one we highly recommend. A special mention also for the refreshing drinks – Sol kadi, Elaneer shunti neembe hanu and Sambharam.


In the mains, we would definitely recommend going for the Rashi pomfret which was flavoured to perfection. It was covered in banana leaf which gave a really authentic take to the whole dish. In the next round, we ordered stuffed kurle, Kori ghee roast, and Mutton sukka.


Out of these three, we would recommend you to try Kori ghee roast. It is a delicious combination of chicken tossed in spices and desi ghee. Trust us, it is a dish one can devour endlessly! Lastly, we finished our culinary journey with Elaneer payasam.

So, next time you want savour authentic Coastal cuisine, this place is a must try!

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