Viral Recipe: This Korean Garlic Cheese Bun Will Leave You Salivating

K-pop culture has taken over India and how. From the K-beauty regime, K-pop music, to the K-dramas – people are embracing Korean culture in one way or the other. But more than this, there is one thing that has caught the attention of many – soulful Korean food. From spicy ramen to mushy teok-bokki, we love everything about their gastronomy. While it’s the Korean spices which make Korean food a flavourful indulgence, we can replicate the dishes using our household spices as well. And, today, we’d like to introduce to you the recipe for a classic Korean street food known as Garlic Cheese Bun. It is basically made with sweetened cream cheese and dunked in sweet, herbed garlic butter. They are a combination between sweet and savoury. It’s garlicky with a mix of sweetened layers of tang from the cream cheese, which balances the salt. No doubt, these Korean Garlic Cheese Buns make for a lip-smacking delicious treat. 

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Best part? The recipe is quite easy peasy. Courtesy: Chef Guntas Sethi. The chef showed us the procedure to prepare these yummy snacks, in an Instagram post. Alongside the recipe, she wrote, “This garlicky, cream cheese bun is gooey and so flavourful you’ll keep wanting more.” So, what are we waiting for? Dig into the recipe now. 


Cream cheese: 1 cup

Sugar: 1 tbsp 

Fresh cream/milk: 2 tbsp

Melted butter: ¼ cup

Garlic (chopped): 2 tbsp 

Chilli flakes: 1 tbsp 

Spring onions (chopped): 2 tbsp 


Step 1: First, we start by mixing cream cheese, sugar, and fresh cream or milk in a bowl. Whisk it properly till a smooth paste is not formed. If available, fill up this mix in a piping bag also. It will save us from the mess during the filling up procedure.

Step 2: Next, we add melted butter to a fresh bowl. It is followed by chopped garlic, chilli flakes, and spring onions. Mix it well. 

Step 3: Take a bun and make six semi-cuts on the top. Fill in the whipped cheese between the cuts. Now, smear the bun in butter garlic mix. 

Step 4: The last step is to bake it at 180*c for 15-20 mins.

And, Korean Garlic Cheese Buns are ready. So, what are you waiting for? Try this recipe today.

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