Viral Recipe: This Unique Pancake Spaghetti Will Transform Your Breakfast

Thinking of what to make for the first meal of the day is indeed a task. We often struggle to find that one recipe that is not just quick to make but tastes delicious too. Enter – pancakes. A quintessential American breakfast, a pancake is a no-brainer breakfast that even beginners can ace. Just mix a couple of ingredients and make a batter, cook it in a pan till it turns crispy and enjoy it with fruits, syrup or butter. Recently, a viral recipe for pancake spaghetti has transformed pancakes as we know them. This pancake spaghetti or ‘squiggly pancake’ was invented by a popular blogger named Briana Archuleta, and several foodies and chefs have showered praise on this innovative dish. Take a look:

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Pancake spaghetti is an interesting viral recipe that gives a unique spin to pancakes. Rather than making pancakes in the usual circular shape, the batter is used to make thin strands instead. Hence the term ‘spaghetti’ describes these thin pancakes the best. A thinner-than-usual batter would help make the spaghetti crisper. The simple pancake batter is filled up in a piping bag or a bottle with a nozzle and quickly poured into a pan in a zigzag shape to make thin lines. Once the pancake spaghetti is cooked, you can separate the strands into individual pieces. This makes a pancake ‘spaghetti’ which can be eaten just the way we relish pasta. Sprinkle some syrup, icing sugar or chocolate sauce on top and your wholesome breakfast is ready!

The best thing about pancake spaghetti is that it gives a crispy and fun twist to the usual pancake. This easy and viral recipe will surely be a hit with all age groups, especially children. Dig in with a fork and make for breakfast to remember. It’s surely happiness in a bowl!

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