Viral Video: This Toddler Eating Everything Without A Fuss Is Every Parent’s Dream

Parenting is no easy task and new parents of toddlers would certainly agree. Getting your children to eat healthy while also feeding them what they want is easier said than done, right? Recently, we saw how a mother was disguising healthy food and feeding it to her child through some clever tactics. For instance, she hid milk inside an empty cola can and fed her child with a straw. But now, a brand-new viral video shows how a toddler was not showing any fussy eating behaviour at all. The amazing video has left parents surprised and also went viral on social media. Take a look at the clip here:

The video was shared by the popular account @natalieandbruna, a mother-daughter duo that regularly shares funny and relatable clips. This particular video shared on Instagram Reels has already received 2.5 million views and 203k likes. “I think I have the least picky eater,” read the header text.

Counting her blessings, the mother Natalie said that her daughter Bruna was indeed a very big foodie. “She is like: food is life. Have you tried all those? Honestly, I have never tried Okra. Some people say kids are like this until age 3 and then things start to change. I wish she stays like this. We love to travel and food so taking her to different places, experiencing and eating different things will be my dream coming true,” she wrote in the caption of the video.

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Fussy eaters can be a source of much problems for parents. Photo: iStock

In the short clip, we could see the cute toddler eating literally everything since she was a baby. Whether it was healthy foods like mushrooms, edamame, seaweed, or okra – Bruna had it all with equal joy. She also sipped on some green juice and pitaya in the viral video. Further, the toddler amazed internet users when she even had fancy foods like oysters and caviar with equal gusto.

A number of parents and Instagram users reacted to the video. People couldn’t believe that the little girl did not fuss over her food at all. “I’m an adult and I don’t even eat this well,” said one user while another wrote, “That was my kid until he turned into a toddler!” Several others expressed their surprise, “You really got lucky in the kid department!”

What did you think of the adorable girl who was not a fussy eater at all? Tell us in the comments.

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