Wait, What? UK Teenager Ate Just Croissants And Pasta For 10 Years

When it comes to food, we all have a list of our favourites. Be it some crispy French fries or a wholesome brownie – there’s so much delicious food to choose from. We could surely consume these favourites at any time, any day. But can you imagine eating the same food every meal and every single day? Recently, one such bizarre food habit of a UK teen has surfaced online. According to reports, 13-year-old Ciarra Franco survived on a diet of croissants for lunch and plain pasta for dinner for almost a decade. It wasn’t about losing weight or simple food preferences – the real reason behind this restrictive diet was quite surprising.

As per a report by Daily Star, Franco had a condition called ‘neophobia’ or the fear of trying new foods. The 13-year-old sustained herself on croissants for lunch and plain pasta for dinner for about 10 years. The reason that the UK teenager’s phobia originally developed was that she had almost choked as a toddler. This led to a fear of eating new foods that became quite problematic as Franco grew up. “She’d occasionally try plain cereal like cornflakes, and ready-salted crisps, but she’s had a croissant every day for lunch for as long as I can remember,” said her mother Angela, as per the report.

Angela also revealed in the report that she realised Franco’s condition was something more than being a fussy eater. “We always knew that she wasn’t just a fussy eater, but it was always quite upsetting for her when we’d go for meals out or get a takeaway that she wouldn’t eat what we were having,” she said.

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Croissants were all that this UK teenager ate for 10 years. Photo: iStock

So, how did the UK teenager combat this condition and come out of it? Her mom Angela contacted a hypnotherapist David Kilmurry who had prior experience in helping children with various eating disorders. In a matter of just six weeks, the teenager began to try new kinds of foods other than croissants and pasta. “Some of her favourite things to eat now include sweet and sour chicken, roast potatoes with seasoning, and even pineapple. She’s still trying new things every day, it’s an amazing achievement,” said the mother.

What did you think of this teenager’s diet journey? Tell us in the comments. Meanwhile, if you know anyone suffering from such a disorder or phobia, it is a good practice to consult a qualified dietitian or health practitioner for relevant medical advice. Do not self-diagnose or blindly follow diet patterns or things recommended on the internet.

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