Watch: Girl Impersonates Neha Kakkar To Place Pizza Order

Be it pizza, pasta or butter chicken, placing an order for our favourite food is something that instantly fills us with joy. But have you ever thought of making this even more exciting? A video has been doing rounds on the Internet that shows a girl ordering pizza while impersonating artist Neha Kakkar and giving instructions by singing her songs. Uploaded on Instagram, the clip opens with the girl calling Domino’s. As the fast food chain’s executive enquires about the order, the girl responds by singing Neha Kakkar’s Baarish Mein Tum but hilariously tweaking the lyrics. Take a look at the full video here:

When the person, on the other end, gets puzzled, the girl throws in her version of the song Sunny Sunny from the 2013 film Yaariyan. “Arre bola maine baar baar baar baar baar, mujhko pizza dede  yaar yaar yaar yaar yaar,” she can be heard singing.

The fun doesn’t end here as the exchange gets even more rib-tickling later. Sticking to the procedure, the man asks the girl what pizza she would like. To this, the girl again comes up with a humorous response and sings O Saki Saki, of course, after altering the lyrics to suit the situation.

The girl mimics the artist to her best and when the person asks her name, she says, “India ki sabse favourite, Neha, Neha Kakkar (India’s most favourite, Neha Kakkar)” Further, the girl says that she resides in Mumbai, Andheri, and hangs up the call before her prank gets busted.

The video amassed more than 61,000 views on the platform and left many in splits. “What a confidence,” a person wrote. Another said, “This was sooo hilarious”. One even jokingly asked if the girl got her pizza while another lauded her singing skills.

Now, if this has prompted you to visualise a cheesy hot pizza then you can try any of these best pizza recipes.

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