Watch: Make This Healthy Mixed Veg Soup To Beat The Cold; Vegetable Stock Recipe Inside

Eating a bowl of warm and delicious soup is one of the best ways to keep us warm in winter! We all can agree that we end up drinking a lot of soup the moment the temperature drops. It is almost like soup is synonymous with winter. If you are on the hunt for a healthy soup recipe, we have just the right one for you! ‘Cook With Parul,’ a YouTube-based food blogger, teaches us how to make healthy and nutritious mixed vegetable soup. For fussy eaters, this is the best way to enjoy all the vegetables deliciously.

You’ll need to start by preparing all the vegetables by finely chopping them. Broccoli, beans, carrots, cabbage, capsicum, ginger, garlic, coriander and spring onion greens. You can also learn how to make vegetable stock from scratch. Don’t throw away the stems of the vegetables; this will be used to make the vegetable stock.

How To Make Vegetable Stock At Home:

Heat oil in a kadhai and add the stems of all the vegetables along with chopped ginger-garlic. Saute this for a while. Pour water next. Add bay leaves and peppercorns. Let this boil till the water absorbs all the flavours present. Strain the stock and store all the water, and throw away the vegetable stems. The vegetable stock is ready.

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How To Make Healthy Mixed Vegetable Soup

Saute green chillies, ginger and garlic in oil till they release their aroma. Stir fry all the finely chopped vegetables, but make sure you don’t burn them. Season with salt and pepper. You can also add a scoop of butter to enhance the flavours. Pour the vegetable stock. To thicken the soup, add corn flour slurry slowly and keep mixing. Garnish it with spring onions and coriander leaves. Finish the soup with soy sauce and some lemon juice. The mixed vegetable soup is ready!

Watch the step-by-step video of healthy mixed vegetable soup down below:

Sounds easy, right? Make this delicious soup at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills. Do tell us in the comments section below how you liked it.

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