Weekend Special: 5 Veg Pasta Recipes That Can Easily Be Made In 30 Minutes

If there is one global cuisine that we Indians are truly obsessed with – it is Italian. Be it a dinner party or any special occasion, an Italian dish is usually there on the menu. And one such Italian delicacy that has a huge fan following is the classic pasta. From penne, lasagne, to spaghetti, macaroni and more – there’s an endless list of pasta varieties to try out. So, if you’re a pasta lover and a vegetarian, you’re at the right place. Here we have shortlisted 5 of our best veg pasta recipes that can easily be made in 30 minutes. With these recipes, you can easily whip up a hearty bowl of delicious pasta in no time. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

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Here Are 5 Veg Pasta Recipes Ready Under 30 Minutes:

1.Vegetarian Penne Arrabiata ​(Our Recommendation)

Let’s start the list with this one. This penne arrabiata pasta is bursting with flavours of garlic, oregano, basil, cheese and lots of veggies. Make this delicious pasta at home and impress your family and friends with your culinary skills. Click here for the recipe.

2.Creamy Veg Lemon Garlic Pasta

If you’re someone who loves all things creamy and garlicky, we are sure you’ll absolutely love this pasta! It has the zestiness of lemon and the earthiness of garlic. The usage of cream cheese gives this pasta a smooth texture. Click here for the recipe.

3.Herb And Garlic Ghee Infused Veggie Pasta

This pasta has a fusion of Indian and Italian ingredients. Natural ghee and Italian herbs like thyme, oregano and parsley give this pasta an interesting taste. Top it with grated cheese and serve hot! Click here for the recipe.


4.Sicilian Spicy Pasta

Next up, we bring you a delectable Sicilian spicy pasta recipe. It is oozing with spicy flavours and is loaded with the goodness of broccoli and parmesan cheese. It makes for a wholesome lunch or dinner meal. Click here for the recipe.

5.Pink Sauce Pasta

The rich pink colour of this pasta is obtained by mixing red tomato sauce and white cream together. This pink sauce pasta not only looks appetising but offers a burst of flavours in your mouth. Wondering how to make it? Click here for the recipe.


So, what are you waiting for? Try out these delicious recipes and let us know how you liked them in the comments below.

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