What Does ‘Tiramisu’ Mean? Here Are Its Ingredients And How To Make It

A good dessert is something that no meal feels truly complete without. We have come across so many wonderful desserts across the world that please our palate and delight us to no end. Whether it’s the French Pain Au Chocolat or the yummy Thai Mango Sticky Rice – sweet indulgences are found aplenty all over the globe. But one dessert that has indeed crafted a special place in our meals is the Italian Tiramisu. A sinful mixture of coffee, cream and more – this drool-worthy dessert oozes delight with every bite. Have you ever wondered what the word ‘Tiramisu’ actually means and what exactly are the ingredients of this amazing Italian dish? Here’s all you need to know. 

What Does ‘Tiramisu’ Literally Mean? | Tiramisu Word Meaning  

The world-famous dessert Tiramisu literally means ‘pick me up‘ in Italian. The dessert was invented to be an aphrodisiac and invigorate the senses after a long day at work or a heavy meal. So, if you feel this way after eating the dessert – you are not alone! 

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Tiramisu boats of unique coffee flavour. 

What’s Tiramisu Made Of? | Ingredients Of Tiramisu Dessert 

Typically, the Tiramisu uses an interesting combination of ingredients including eggs, sugar, cream cheese, sponge cake or biscuits, coffee and cocoa. If you want to make a truly authentic Italian Tiramisu, you’ll have to source some more specialised ingredients such as mascarpone cheese, a special cheese from Lombardy; and Savioardi, the original ladyfinger biscuits used in its making.  

It is also possible to make mascarpone cheese at home with the help of fresh cream, vinegar and lemon. Further, even sponge cake can be substituted for ladyfinger biscuits in the Tiramisu recipes. 

Sometimes, alcohol is also used in the making of Tiramisu as was mentioned in the traditional recipe. Chefs often use rum, wine or coffee liquer to enhance the taste of this dessert.  

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How To Make Tiramisu? | Easy Tiramisu Recipe For Beginners 

You can indeed make Tiramisu at home with a few simple ingredients and a beginner-friendly process! Here is how to make Tiramisu in brief: 

  1. First, take egg yolks and whip them with icing sugar. Fold in the mascarpone cheese and whipped cream and keep it aside. 
  2. Prepare a mixture of espresso coffee, sugar and liquor if you wish to add. Keep this aside as well. 
  3. Now, take an empty glass dish. Cut up small squares of sponge cake, dip it into the coffee mixture and layer it into the dish. Then, spread a layer of the mascarpone mixture over it. 
  4. Alternate between the two layers till the dish is full. Once you are done, dust it with cocoa powder and refrigerate for an hour. Enjoy fresh! 

This is an amazing and delicious Tiramisu recipe that you can try for a truly authentic Italian experience. Click here for the complete recipe of Tiramisu.  

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