What Is Swiss Roll And What Is It Made Out Of? All You Need To Know

Thanks to the rapid expansion of the internet, there are so many amazing recipes that we come across every day from all over the world. From bagels to doughnuts, croissants to muffins – these are some dishes we are now quite familiar with. Another dessert that we have often seen on our social media feeds is the Swiss Roll. The soft and spongy treat is very fondly remembered by people as being an integral part of their childhood. But what exactly is the Swiss roll and what goes into its making? Here’s all you need to know about this humble dessert and its interesting origins.   

What Is Swiss Roll And Is It From Switzerland?  

Swiss roll is basically a light and fluffy sponge cake rolled up with a filling of jam, cream or chocolate smeared inside it and dusted with icing sugar or sometimes even coconut. It is also known as Swiss log cake, Swiss roll cake, jelly roll, yuletide log, cream roll or roll cake. Since the cake is rolled up and not had as is, it looks quite different from the usual cakes and makes for beautiful pictures and overall a very visually appealing dessert.  

But what gave the name ‘Swiss’ roll to it and why is it called so? Is the Swiss roll originally from Switzerland? Interestingly, Swiss roll did not originate in Switzerland. There is some confusion about where exactly Swiss roll is from. Some theories suggest that it was invented in England in the 19th century. Others said that the Swiss roll was from Central Europe and became popular during the first World War.
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Swiss roll is filled with jam, cream or syrup.

What Is Swiss Roll Made Of? | Ingredients Of Swiss Roll  

The best part about the Swiss Roll recipe is that the ingredients used in it are super simple and easily available in our kitchens. Swiss roll is made of a sponge cake and a filling that could be jam, cream or chocolate syrup. For the cake, the ingredients include all-purpose flour, eggs, sugar, baking powder, and vanilla essence.  

How To Make Swiss Roll? | Easy Swiss Roll Recipe For Beginners  

  1. First, prepare the cake by mixing eggs, sugar, baking powder, vanilla and flour. Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees Celsius for 7-10 minutes till the knife comes out clean.  
  2. Now, sprinkle icing sugar over butter paper and keep it aside. Meanwhile, trim the edges of the cake and flatten it so that it can be rolled.  
  3. Let it cool for a little while and then unroll it. Spread jam on the side without the icing sugar. Roll it up once again, cut it into pieces and serve fresh! 

Click here for the full recipe for Swiss Roll.

So, try this wonderful recipe and enjoy your dessert in an all-new avatar!  

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