Winter Immunity: 5 Foods To Stay Warm And Healthy By Celeb Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar

Winter season is in full swing across the country and we are enjoying every bit of it. During the cold weather, it is important to stay warm and healthy not just on the outside but also on the inside. Thus, along with winter clothes and warming soups and broths, food also plays an equally essential role. There are some seasonal foods that are best consumed during winter season for their nutrition quotient and also for the internal warmth they provide. These may vary from region to region in the country, but there are plenty of options available everywhere. Recently, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar shared a post about best foods to stay warm and healthy during winters. Take a look:

“Here’s a quick list of foods that traditionally help the transition into winters and keep our immunity up,” she wrote in the caption of the post. The information shared by Diwekar has garnered over 25.2k likes and over hundreds of comments.

Winter Immunity: Here Are 5 Foods To Stay Warm And Healthy During Winter Season:

1. Bajra or Pearl Millet

Be it Bajre ki Roti or khichdi, this humble millet has been an integral part of the Indian cuisine especially in states like Rajasthan. Apart from its warming properties, Diwekar revealed, “It is rich in minerals and fibre and helps prevent joint aches. Best enjoyed with ghee or makhan.”

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Bajre ki roti with makhan can be an excellent addition to your winter diet. Photo: NDTV Food

2. Jaggery and Ghee

Jaggery is well-known to be a winter superfood, providing warmth and also helping boost immunity. Pair it with ghee and you have a winner! You can have it in the form of chikki, or also pair it with makki ki roti or bajre ki roti. The combination of jaggery with ghee, Rujuta Diwekar suggests, “helps clear sinuses and prevents cold.”

3. Kulith

Also called horsegram, Kulith is a powerful lentil or dal that is available across Southern India. “A pulse that prevents kidney stones and helps the skin and scalp stay better hydrated and nourished in winter,” explained Diwekar in the post. She suggested having the dal with rice and ghee in winter.


Kulith or horse gram is a must-have during winter season. Photo Credit: iStock

4. Makhan

Yes, the humble makhan or white butter too made it to the list of foods for winter immunity. According to the celebrity nutritionist, makhan will ensure smooth digestion and better absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D. So, don’t forget to add a dollop of it over your winter curries.

5. Til or Sesame

Til or sesame is one warming ingredient that can be especially beneficial during winter season. You can sprinkle it on your gravies or enjoy it in the form of chikki or rewri like in the North. “Healthy for eyes, skin and bones,” said Diwekar.

So, stock up on your winter immunity and keep diseases at bay with this list of warming foods!

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