Woman Covers Four Continents To Make World’s Longest Food Delivery

Ordering food online has become a norm these days. From a gulab jamun to a full-course meal, nearly any dish can be relished while sitting at home. Now, while these apps usually deliver food within the city and in neighbouring areas, a woman may have set a record for making the longest food delivery. A video has gone viral that shows a woman delivering a food package from Singapore all the way to Antarctica, covering four continents and over 30,000 kms.

The clip, uploaded on Instagram, opens with a woman named Maanasa Gopal at an airport as she embarks on her audacious journey to make the “special food delivery”. She boards a flight from Singapore and reaches Hamburg, Germany, before flying to her next stop in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Following this, she finally makes it to Antarctica and travels closer to her destination while documenting the adventure.

Towards the end of the clip, Maanasa trudges through snow, takes a boat, and finally reaches the delivery point, successfully completing the food delivery.

“Today, I did a special food delivery to Antarctica from Singapore!” the caption read. It’s not every day that you get to deliver Singaporean flavours across 30,000+ km and 4 continents to one of the most remote places on earth!” the woman wrote.

The clip amassed more 35k views on Instagram and prompted amusing reactions from users. Some seemed curious to know what the food package contained. “What was delivered tho?” a user asked.  Many were left amazed to see the special delivery and termed it as “insane” and “awesome”.  Another user asked, “Why does Antarctica look so cozy?”

If you think this was extreme, then what about delivering food using a jetpack? Earlier, a video had surfaced showing a man flying up a high-rise building in Saudi Arabia and delivering packaged food. In the video, the man is seen flying from one tower to another to reach his destination.

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