Woman Creates Black Paint With KFC Chicken; Video Goes Viral

The internet is full of interesting (and bizarre) content – from funny videos to viral stories, it leaves us amused, entertained or totally surprised. Some keep making rounds on the internet for days for their unique content and then there are stories and videos that leave us amazed. Recently, we came across one such video that has grabbed our attention. The video featured a woman making paint out of fried chicken from KFC. Yes, you read that right! The video was shared by Instagram user @3dartistlinda on the photo-sharing app. It starts with a woman saying that she was painting in black colour for a very long time.

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The woman went on to say that there was a shortage of black paint in the market; hence, she decided to prepare the colour by her own. She used leftover fried chicken bones to prepare the black colour. She demonstrated the process of making the black colour by making a coal pit with bones and peach. Then crush it into bone charcoal and filtering it out. She mixed it with oil to prepare the paint.

Take a look at the detailed video:

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The video has garnered 430k views, 32k likes (still counting) and hundreds of comments. Some people were totally impressed, who wrote, “This is really cool and a great way to use things that would otherwise be just thrown away.” Another person wrote, “This process of making paint is way eco-friendlier and more sustainable.” A third comment read, “I used bones after baking them and crushing them as bone-meal for the garden.”

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