Woman Orders Jeans Online; Receives Bagful Of Onions Instead

E-commerce platforms have changed the whole idea of shopping across the globe. Today, you will find almost everything online, being delivered at your doorstep in just a few clicks. But let’s agree, it involves a fair share of risks too. We often come across news where wrong items get delivered or things come in bits. One such event has recently grabbed all our attention on the internet. According to a report in the Mirror, an unnamed customer alleged that she ordered second-hand jeans online and received a bagful of onions instead. You heard us.

The report reads, the woman ordered the pair of jeans on the British second-hand fashion site Depop. After receiving onions, she contacted the seller to inform about the incident. But, “they claimed to be just as confused as I was, and insisted they had no idea how the onions got there.”

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The Daily Mail further reports that she took to social media to share a snippet of her chat with the seller; and it went all over the internet in just no time. As per the Daily Mail, the unnamed customer texted, “Hello, before I open a Depop case for this, do you have any explanation why I just received a parcel with onions in it instead of the jeans I ordered?” To this, the seller responded that they were confused about it and apologised of the inconvenience. “Did it look open to you?” asked the seller.

The New York Post added, the chat garnered 23,000 likes and several amusing comments. “This is so funny,” wrote one. Another person quipped, “Free onions? In this economy? Wow!”

“Free onions with every order,” added a person.

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