YouTube’s Latest Twitter Post On 3 Am Food Videos Is What We All Have Wished

From vendors preparing fascinating seafood on the streets of Thailand to a self-learned chef demonstrating the right way to cook brown rice, most of us usually end up watching videos like these while browsing YouTube late at night. Such videos of delicious dishes from around the world are the reason for our midnight cravings. But besides making our mouths water even after dinner, the addictive food content also teaches us a host of new recipes and quirky cooking tricks. As we never really try these recipes, the desire to relish them always stays there. And, we think the video giant YouTube knows this too.

In its recent Twitter post on its official handle, YouTube touched upon something that definitely resonates with most of us. “Gonna host a dinner where I only make food from recipe videos I watched at 3 AM,” wrote YouTube.

The post soon drew a flurry of amusing responses from users.

“How many taco fries and jolly ranchers slushys are you having?” a user asked.

Another wrote, “Hmmm. I am still working night shifts- and I desperately need food cooked by YouTube. Please??”

Some seemed pretty excited about the dinner party.

This user even suggested the menu for the late-night binge session.

Another person also decided on the dishes.

It seems like some are really utilising those 3 am food recipes. “Those actually turn out to be some of the best damn recipes somehow,” a comment read.

A person wrote, “I’ll be there! Give me your address. I’ll bring napkins and spring water”.

Some sought invitations for the dinner party.

“That’s actually a pretty good idea,” a user wrote.

Another asked, “Can we have some sushi, YouTube please.”

“Oh boy, that’s gonna be a chaotic dinner,” a person reacted.

So, would you be showing up at the dinner?

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