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World Diabetes Day 2022: It is World Diabetes Day today and the primary motive behind celebrating this day is to raise global awareness on diabetes. Led by the International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the theme for World Diabetes Day this year is, “Better access to quality diabetes education”. According to the World Health Organization, 2 per cent of the total deaths in India are caused due to diabetes only. It is a chronic condition which affects the blood sugar level and if not kept under control, it can lead to many other serious diseases related to health. Today, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, here we are busting some popular myths about diabetes.

Myth 1- Diabetes cannot be cured

If diagnosed in the early stages, diabetes, too, can be cured. If you take a proper diet and exercise daily, diabetes treatment is possible. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can help you avoid diabetes. In case you do not take care of your blood sugar, the risk of getting diabetes will always be there.

Myth 2- Diabetics cannot eat sugar

It is the most common myth that those dealing with diabetes cannot consume sugar. It is said that the patient should only rely on a sugar-free diet for life. But this is not the fact. One needs to consume everything in balance be it sugar or any other compound.

Myth 3- Type 2 diabetes only in obese

Another myth that needs to be busted is type 2 diabetes occurs only in obese people. In fact, type 2 diabetes is a problem which affects those with unhealthy lifestyle choices. Yes, it is associated with obesity, but the disease does not affect only obese people.

Myth 4- It is hereditary

Diabetes can be caused by many factors such as increasing age, obesity, lack of physical activity, lack of exercise, and poor eating habits. Yes, family history also is one of the main factors, but it not necessarily depends on the same.

There have been many cases where it has been witnessed that those who do not have diabetes in their family are also affected by the disease. However, the genes of your family with diabetes can be deactivated if you opt for a healthy diet, lifestyle, and reducing stress.

Myth 5- Diabetes is contagious

This is the most dangerous myth as it is not a contagious disease. It is a non-communicable disease and does not spread by sneezing or touching. A child can get affected only if the parents are diabetes but generally, it cannot be passed from one person to another.

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